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Did You Know?
Learning to swim from a qualified instructor can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% for 1–4-year-olds.

To date, Step Into Swim has provided more than 330,000 swim lessons. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment, but we aren’t done with our mission.

Through our program, we create a strong partnership with swim programs and grant them funding to provide swim lessons. We work with programs such as the American Red Cross, Jewish Community Centers, School Districts, State Parks, USA Swimming, YMCAs, and more.

Please view the Step Into Swim Grant Agreement here.

If you are a swim lesson provider looking for funding, please click the button below to complete our online grant application.

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Step Into Swim Grant Application Process:

  1. Registration: Begin by registering online through our application software, One Cause.
  2. Application & Agreement: Complete the grant application and agreement questions thoroughly. Ensure to submit both documents once they are filled out.
    If you would like to review these documents before beginning your online application, click below to download PDF versions:
    1. Grant Agreement
    2. Grant Application Questions
  3. Review Process: Be patient during the review phase. Applications are reviewed in the order they were received. If there are any inquiries about your application, a member of the committee will contact you. You will receive an email confirming whether your grant is approved or denied. If you receive no email, then your application is still in the review process. Ensure your email settings allow notifications from
  4. Initial Funding (80%): Upon approval, expect to receive 80% of the funding within 3-4 weeks. If your application is not approved, you are encouraged to reapply the following year. Any queries regarding the denial can be directed to Jillian Wilkins, Step Into Swim Manager.
  5. Utilization of Funds: As a swim lesson provider, utilize the funding to complete the swim lesson program. Once the funding is utilized, proceed to the next step.
  6. Grant Reporting: Log back in to your One Cause account and complete the Grant Reporting Stage within one month of the completion of your season or when your funding has been exhausted.
    If you would like to review the Grant Report Questions before beginning your online report, click here to download a PDF version.
  7. Report Review: The committee will review your grant report. Any questions regarding the report will be addressed with you. Once approved, you will automatically move into the final funding step.
  8. Final Funding (20%): After completing the grant report, anticipate receiving the final 20% of funding within 3-4 weeks after its acceptance and approval.
  9. Completion and Future Collaboration: Congratulations! You have completed the Step Into Swim Grant Application and Review process. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you again next year!

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Thank you for your participation in the Step Into Swim grant process. Please review our FAQ page to learn more. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jillian Wilkins, Step Into Swim Manager, directly.

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