About Step Into Swim

Leading associations give back to their industry.  Studies show that when one gives back through associations, such as Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, member companies are inspired to engage and act…and we need all of you to play an active role in drowning prevention.

Through our rich history and our strong spiritual purpose, the Pool and Hot Tub Foundation remains true to its word to give back to promote safer aquatic environment and attract more people to aquatic activity.

Since 2012, the Foundation has supported thousands of swim lessons across the globe and played a role in reducing swimming fatalities through this program.  The Step Into Swim™ Campaign is a 10-year initiative to create 1 million more swimmers.

The mission is based on the premise that creating more swimmers will result in:

  • fewer drownings
  • healthier society
  • reduced healthcare costs
  • thriving industry

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Government agencies, members of the industry, medical professionals and insurance companies encourage increased activity through swimming.

Supporters of the campaign believe that investing in the next generation of swimmers – for fun, for fitness, for family safety – and teaching people of all ages and ethnicities to swim, is essential to improving the health and safety of this and future generations.


reduces drowning

increases activity

creates opportunities

leads to opportunities