About Us

In an effort to improve national health, reduce dramatic rises in healthcare costs, and reduce drowning tragedies, the National Swimming Pool Foundation® launched the Step Into Swim™ Campaign. The 10-year campaign works with leading organizations that teach children, adults, and minority populations to swim.

Beyond the personal pain caused by poor health, the financial burden of obesity is estimated to be $147 billion/year. In addition, the tragic incidences of drowning will cost society about $100 billion for the next 20 years. Obesity trends are likely to continue based on increased childhood obesity rates and Census Bureau estimates that there will be about 24 million more 65+ year olds in the next 10 years. Aquatic activity is one of the best activity options available for aging and out-of-shape people. Unfortunately, about half of Americans are afraid of deep water or cannot swim.

The Step Into Swim campaign asks private and public sectors to sponsor or donate to a proven group of organizations that teach people to swim. The National Swimming Pool Foundation issued a White Paper to explain how teaching more people to swim is imperative to address skyrocketing healthcare costs and to help prevent troubling drowning rates.

The Step Into Swim campaign is organized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1965. Please join us and donate today! Tax-deductible donations are given directly to leading learn-to-swim organizations. To see the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s annual financial audits, click here.

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